Essays by Marjorie Williams not collected in The Woman at the Washington Zoo

"Robert Gates and the Neverending Story," Washington Post, Sept 19, 1991

"Divided We Stand," Washington Post, December 29, 1991

“Without Fear or Females,” Washington Monthly, March 1992

“Was There More to ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Than Just Jiggle?,” Washington Monthly, May 1994

“Friedan Goes Fuzzy,” Washington Monthly, November 1997

"The Breakfast Table" (with Timothy Noah), Slate, July 6-24, 1998

“A Man in Full” (with Timothy Noah), Slate, November 9-13, 1998

“Man of the Hour” (profile of Brian Williams), Vanity Fair, January 1999

“The Breakfast Table” (with Atul Gawande), Slate, March 15-18, 1999

“Turn of the Century” (with Nathan Myhrvold), Slate, May 17-23, 1999

“The First Lady,” Washington Monthly, July 1999

“Eleanor Roosevelt” (with Christopher Caldwell), Slate, July 26-29, 1999

“Does Al Gore Have A Heart?,” Salon, March 7, 2000

"Time For Changing 'Nappies,'" Washington Post, March 31, 2000

“The Breakfast Table” (with Joel Achenbach), Slate, April 10-13, 2000

“The Breakfast Table” (with Tucker Carlson), Slate, October 30-November 2, 2000

“Alfred Portale’s 12 Season Cookbook; Think Like A Chef; Simple to Spectacular” (with Sarah Lyall), Slate, December 18-20, 2000

“Left Back and Ordinary Resurrections” (with Christopher Caldwell), Slate, September 11-13, 2000

“How Slatesters Voted” (with Slate staff), Slate, November 7, 2000

“The Constant Gardener” (with Sarah Lyall), Slate, Jan. 15-6, 2001

“Fast Food Nation” (with Katha Pollitt), Slate, February 5-7, 2001

“The Man Who Loved Children” (with Katha Pollitt), Slate, March 6-8, 2001

“Dreamcatcher” (with Sarah Lyall), Slate, April 4-6, 2001

“Energy Amnesia,” Washington Post, May 2, 2001

“The Painful Playground,” Washington Post, May 9, 2001

“Mean, Mean Moms,” Washington Post, May 16, 2001

“…Or Jeffords’s Principles?,” Washington Post, May 30, 2001

“Spinning the Jenna Story,” Washington Post, June 6, 2001

“Reno’s Run,” Washington Post, June 13, 2001

“Mid-Twenties Malaise,” Washington Post, June 27, 2001

“Surrendering to Fear,” Washington Post, October 25, 2002

“Minimizing Menopause,” Washington Post, November 20, 2002

“Dean’s Loss of Nerve,” Washington Post, February 1, 2004

“Propriety Malfunction,” Washington Post, February 5, 2004

“Win One For the Flipper,” Washington Post, March 7, 2004

Marjorie’s work has been anthologized in:

The Best American Political Writing 2002
The Best American Essays 2006
The Best of Slate: A 10th Anniversary Anthology
The Best American Magazine Writing 2006

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